Allied Legal Services provides inexpensive nationwide dna paternity testing as a corporate partner of a certified national network.  Need to know  about dna paternity testing and the law in Texas?  Participating attorneys provide information about the legal aspects and importance of dna paternity testing in Texas.




DNA Paternity Testing Through Allied Legal Services


In normal circumstances, every child ought to be able know for certain who their parents are and every parent should be able to know for certain who their children are. That’s why Allied Legal Services uses the largest DNA testing network in the country to provide certified lab results, and low pricing.


These certified results are the most commonly used and honored throughout the United States.   This type of test is commonly called a dna test, paternity test, or dna paternity test. See the note at the bottome of the page if you need testing in New York.  Beware of any test results from labs without the proper certification. Beware of tests conducted by any person or agency you don’t trust. Allied Legal Services uses the most secure methods on the market for dna testing.


You do not have to pay any kind of membership fee and do not have to be a member of Allied Legal Services to take advantage of non-profit DNA paternity testing coordinated in close driving distance of just about any location in the United States.


To find out who the father is, or is not, a DNA paternity test is strongly encouraged. It’s not important to us if you use some other organization to get the test done. Just do it. Getting the test done may become one of the most important legal issues in your life and or the life of your child. Call us for more information about why getting testing done can be so important.


DNA Paternity Test Pricing


DNA testing prices can vary alot depending on the testing site location and other factors, call for specifics.


Listed below is an idea of the normal ranges of some DNA Test costs.

Basic Court Admissible DNA Testing $340-$240

Basic Non Court Admissible DNA Test Kit $300-$220

Each additional child is normally $100 extra, call for multiple children discounts.


Fast and Mobile DNA Paternity Testing


Our tests have a 3-5 day turn around time.  For an additional fee this can be expedited through the lab in as little as two days.  Call for current details and pricing on expedited paternity testing.  Mobile test collections can be made.  Call for pricing depending on location and other factors.


Court Admissible Paternity Testing


Non Court Admissible Paternity Testing


Both types of testing use the same lab work on DNA samples taken and have the same level of “accuracy” on those samples. The difference in the Court Admissible Testing is that the identity of the parties submitting the DNA samples must be validated. This is done at the time the individuals DNA samples are taken by requiring photographs of the individuals there,  photo identification, thumb prints, and signatures of those tested or their parent/guardian, and the signature of the collector. These records are kept permanently by the labs. Also, the collector is checking photo identifications and signatures.


How Is The DNA Collected?

In almost all cases the DNA is painlessly swabbed from the inner cheek with what looks like large Q-Tips. In special cases stealth collections or collections of the deceased can be legally made.  Call the office for details.

Note on testing in New York: The only state in the United States where these are not the most prevalent test used in court and are not honored is New York.  If you live in New York call us for help with testing in that state.