About us:

The attorneys, paralegals, and staff of Allied Legal Services help people all over Texas with Family Law problems.  As a non-profit public charity, founded and controlled by parents, the primary goal of the organization is to see that quality services are provided to help people who may not be able to afford an attorney.



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This luling man turned to Allied Legal Services when he need legal help quickly:


This luling man turned to Allied Legal Services when he need legal help quickly:



Welcome.  Feel free to just click the contact button above and go ahead and call us if you have questions or need help or click on "get started" and let us begin helping you immediately. 


If you need help in Texas with the family law issues listed below you have come to the right place.



Child custody Child possession/visitation
Child support issues Going to court without a lawyer
Enforcement of orders Paternity establishment and testing
Hiring a lawyer Adoption
Attorney assistance     Divorce
Protective orders Paralegal work
Finding people Termination of parental rights
Private investigations Discovery process
Divorce property issues Mediation services


Main Office Number: 512-472-3237 


A Texas legal aid that opens doors


Allied Legal Services provides a program that opens doors for people by providing the help they need to deal with their family court issues and the legal system effectively.  Click on "services" near the top of this page to see a detailed breakdown of several different ways membership works for people of various incomes and needs.


Why was this Texas legal aid organization formed?


A group of dedicated and successful parents formed Alled Legal Services and control it.  In November 2007 Allied Legal Services recieved non profit public charity status from the United States federal government.  People in Texas need an organization whose only agenda is to help people with their family law problems.  In other words, one that's "by the people, for the people."  The organization places a strong emphasis on helping people with middle and low incomes.  A caring, strong group of parents ultimately regulate the organization and who may be involved in it.  These parents and grandparents receive no salary for their place in overseeing the organization.  As a result of this, high standards are set with true service to the people in need as the primary goal.


The Texas legal aid providing an entire group of people to get members the help they need.


Allied Legal Services is not just a name; it describes part of what makes the organization better at helping people. The organization works because of the people allied together to make it work for the members:


-The parent advisory board that monitors and demands above average standards from all involved in the

   service to members.

-A professional staff responsible for carrying out day to day business operations.

-Attorneys from different attorney groups and offices.

-Several private investigation companies and paralegals.


Putting your family law needs in the hands of just one individual can raise serious concerns for a number of reasons no matter how good they are.  When you use Allied Legal Services you're not hiring one person to do something .. you're getting an organization of people to help you.


What about grandparents rights, mothers rights, and fathers rights?


We still think the phrase "Equal Justice Under Law" engraved on the United States Supreme Court building in Washington D.C. is a good idea. It's a good goal. Related to that of course, is the idea that everyone is supposed to have some rights and the idea that those rights should be afforded an individual without trampling on everyone else's rights. Equal rights for some is not equal rights at all. Selfish thinking in family law situations often hurts children or others unjustly.  That's why Allied Legal Services refuses to only focus exclusively on one group or issue at the expense of everyone else. That's why people who have experience and expertise in both mother's rights and father's rights are part of Allied Legal Services. That's why the organization is a comfortable place for those who want children's rights, grandparent's rights, mother's rights, and father's rights.


One last thing -


If children are involved in your situation, please always ask yourself the all important question:


 What is the best thing I can do for my child in this situation?